Stop #2: Culture, Music, and Travel

This month, Substack is going on a virtual tour to help connect writers exploring similar topics together. 

The Substack category tour will act both as a meeting place for writers to connect directly over Zoom, and as a showcase for the wide variety of writing happening on Substack within a given category. Today, we are visiting stop #2: culture, music, and travel

Participate in today’s thread:

Think of today’s thread as a roll call of all the writers in the room. We will use the thread during our live session to get to know one another and after the session, to stay in touch.

  • Introduce yourself! In one sentence what do you write about on Substack? 

  • Respond to fellow writers. During the showcase, reply to writers’ comments.

No need to include a link to your publication. When you hover over any writer’s name in the thread, you will find their writer and reader profile.

When we finish today, it’s over to you to stay connected. Subscribe to fellow writers’ publications and reply to their welcome email with a note to keep in touch.